Covid-19 update - We’re still open for business, however any orders placed now will be delayed until we can back in to the workshop. Please feel free to email or call us if you need to. Stay safe out there.

What is reclaimed wood?
Reclaimed wood is wood that has been previously used for a different purpose and is subsequently turned into something new. It is a wonderfully sustainable material that is full of character.

Why choose reclaimed wood?
By using reclaimed wood you are saving it from landfill, which helps save the planet and also prevents the need to cut down new trees. Using reclaimed wood also means that you are turning a waste product into something beautiful and giving it a new life.

Where does the wood that you use come from?
The reclaimed wood that we use comes from a variety of sources, all from within the UK

What is the 10-step treatment process and what does it do?
The 10-step treatment process is a secret, but what I can tell you is that it is an intensive process that ensures that the furniture I create is more durable and beautiful. It adds character and longevity to the wood and makes sure that you will be able to enjoy your furniture for years to come.

I have an awkward space to fill, can you make something to fit it?
I understand that not every customer has the same requirements so I am happy to make any of my designs as a bespoke item. Alternatively, I can create something especially for you that is tailored to your space.

I really want pink legs on my table, is this possible?
Absolutely, I can offer a full range of finishes including powder coating, so whether you’re wanting grey, pink or even neon green, just get in touch to order!

Do you have a shop where I can see your products?
All our products are made to order from our workshop in Preston, Lancashire so we do not have a showroom for clients. However, workshop visits are welcomed by appointment.

How will my items be delivered?

The delivery method depends on the size and quantity of items in your order and will be advised. Delivery within the UK is always free.